About Me

Well I joined the army straight from school – some years ago now, I travelled around the world and had some fantastic experiences. After that I intended to pursue leisure management as a career and then someone told me about management accountancy and so at the age of 30 I decided that I would train as a chartered management accountant.

I obtained membership of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) in 1999 and set up my own Ltd Company in 2000. I have worked in manufacturing, importing, education, clinical research, health, community services, skills, training and in large and small businesses.

I have helped to set up businesses and also helped to close them down. I have installed systems and processes from scratch and have critically analysed current business practices in order to improve the quality, quantity and value of products or services. I have worked at executive level with board members, have experience of working with trustees and elected members and always enjoy putting the theories into action at an operational level with managers and other colleagues.

As I gained in experience I became more involved with the strategic planning and direction of businesses that I was working with and felt that the experience and understanding that I had already gained in leadership, change, culture, finance, sales, marketing, management and customer services needed expanding. I had contemplated doing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) for quite some time and was then sent some information about the CIMA advanced standing MBA, the nearest university to me that offered the course was Derby and I successfully completed my MBA in December 2010.

Unlike some other consultants and consultancies, I enjoy putting theories into practice (walking the talk) and overcoming the challenges that come with change, whether they be cultural or organisational. Operationally I am very experienced and enjoy working with new and existing businesses of all shapes, flavours and sizes. I offer a comprehensive package of business support – not just finance and have an extensive network of associate professionals who I work with to ensure that you can get the best out of your business.

I am very privileged at the moment to be involved with entrepreneurs who are just starting up their businesses, in fact some of them haven’t even developed their business plan yet! I am helping them to understand what is involved in running their own businesses, the hurdles that they will face and of course the satisfaction that they will get from successfully bringing their products or services to market. Once we have developed the plan we need to bring it to life and whilst the more traditional model of business (bricks and mortar) isn’t always now, the most appropriate route to market, robust systems and processes still have to be in place if you are to succeed and that is where I can help you.

I am a family man and live near to Ashby de la Zouch in the East Midlands, we all enjoy the outdoor life, camping, cycling, swimming and walking in the fantastic countryside that surrounds Ashby. I put just as much energy and enthusiasm into my personal life as I do into my business life, one compliments the other and without either I wouldn’t be the person that I am.